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by Blaze Global

Empowering Youth & Adults to Go the Distance

Transforming Micro-Actions & Caring Relationships into
Stronger Self-Regulation, Critical Thinking & Authenticity

Recognition for Blaze Global & the Miles App

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What is Miles?

Miles promotes positive growth, authenticity, and creative expression.

As a responsive web app accessible on any device, Miles helps youth and caring adults track their moods and complete trails consisting of small steps or microactions to promote personal growth and well-being.

Miles serves as a conduit of open and honest communication between caring adults and youth, enabling them to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and private space.

Adult leaders can assign trails to youth or create their own trails, providing opportunities for youth to work on specific areas of growth.

Youth can also create their own trails and invite their adults leaders and peers to participate in the journey.

How It All Started

Miles was struggling with school and behavioral issues, and Justin knew he needed to step up as a father.  By creating a simple system of microactions that Miles could choose from, they were able to bond over shared activities and experiences, leading to a deeper connection that transformed their relationship.  This journey led to Miles’ academic success and a deeper love of learning, and Justin learned that great parenting is all about the little things we do together.

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More About Miles

What are we impacting?

The social, emotional and cognitive development & well-being of young people and and adults who guide them.  

Examples include:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Executive Function
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social-Awareness
  • Relationship Skills

Who are we impacting

Adolescents (8-18 yrs old) & Caring Adults

Where does it work?

Miles is designed as a single continuum across all of a young person’s environments:  

  • Home
  • School
  • Community
  • Health
  • Faith
What makes Miles special?

Micro-Actions & Reflections

Miles simplifies life skills into small, easy action steps.

Caring Adults as Guides & Participants

Miles connects young people and caring adults on a shared, purpose-driven journey.

Adaptation to Any Local Environment

Miles provides an opportunity for young people and adult leaders to create & share real-time solutions to real-life problems.

Continuum of Positive Identity Analytics

With the youth at the center, Miles becomes a consistent and trustworthy companion of personal growth & caring relationships that spans both time and place.

Activation of All Evidence-Based Programs

Miles can simplify, activate, track & analyze existing evidence-based program that are proven to positively impact the lives of adolescents.

How does Miles measure impact?

Miles delivers impact analytics as an integrated & continuous hybrid of pulse surveys & multi-competency engagement scoring.

Miles Is Rooted In Evidence-Based Research

The research is in:

Young people need more a more meaninful education.

Universally declared across each major branch of science – natural, social and formal – it has become indesputable that young people require a more dynamic, whole-human approach to their educational experience.

Harvard, CASEL, OECD and Allstate are just a few of the more notable organizations invested in the social and emotional development of our youth.


"The combination of supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building, and positive experiences is the foundation of resilience."

ALLSTATE Foundation

"Social emotional competence is a greater predictor of lifelong success than academic grades. In fact, students who score high on social skills are four times more likely to complete college."


"Decades of research have demonstrated the effectiveness of SEL for supporting students’ academics, behaviors, mental health, and long-term success."


"Education is no longer just about teaching students something but about helping them develop a reliable compass and the tools to navigate with confidence through this world."

Miles is Simple & Efficient

Only a 7 minute routine per day

Testimonials for Miles (formerly Blaze)

Blaze overall did help with recognizing how I was feeling that day. It was a good way to express your feelings.
High School Senior
Blaze helped me better understand how other people feel.
High School Junior
Social Awareness
Blaze helped me learn to accept people for their differences.
High School Junior
I think Blaze does a really good job of allowing us to make goals. It was so much easier to manage my time when I had a weekly goal to check back in every day. I feel like soon after I started journaling my goals, i was much more inclined to achieve them.
High School Senior
Blaze helped me be more articulate when describing myself or things I know of. Even though I knew I could put whatever response I wanted to earn points, I felt compelled to be as thorough as possible to //really// earn them
High School Senior
Blaze helped me come out of my comfort zone.
High School Sophmore
Social Awareness
Blaze made me more conscious of others around me.
High School Student
Blaze helped me with self-management because before Blaze I used to be stressed a lot for no reason and through using blaze it helped me become less stressed.
High School Junior
Blaze helped me be more aware of my feelings and my surroundings.
High School Sophmore
Blaze made me think more about being kind
High School Sophmore
Social Awareness
Blaze helped me think about how others feel
High School Student
Blaze helped me get all of my homework done
High School Junior
Blaze helped me realize my feelings everyday
High School Junior
Blaze helped me with relationship skills because I made some new friends in this class through the blaze activity.
High School Junior
Social Awareness
Blaze helped me understand others perspectives like the perspective of a lonely person
High School Junior
Blaze helped me manage stress in th mornings before class. Because blaze felt like a game it really helped manage stress.
High School Junior
Blaze helped me to be more aware of my mood each day in class. For an example, on days that I didn't get enough sleep, I noticed that on those days that I'm easily annoyed and hungry.
High School Junior
Blaze helped with my relationship with my parents
High School Senior
I liked the goals and it helped me realized that I needed to get to bed earlier
High School Senior

Meet the Team Behind Miles


Dr. Emma Adam

Advisor - Behavioral Health

Dr. Michael Allen

Advisor - Education
mike f

Mike Felvy

Advisor - Finance

Dr. Paul Goren

Advisor - Education

Dave Husain

Investor & Partner

Justin Lyons

Founder & CEO

Dr. Tierney McMahon

Advisor - Behavioral Health
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Advisor - Pre-Teens


Advisor - Teens

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